About me

Hello! :)

I am a web and service developer based in Seattle. I bring ideas to life.

My skillset is in React, Node, and ASP.NET Core. I spend my free time building projects, spending time with my wife, and playing with my dog, Bagel 🥯.

Bagel, proudly watching from a comfortable blanket.

I work for Microsoft on the Modern Commerce Services, but this blog and opinions are my own. I blog about technology, software, and entrepreneurship.

I am passionate about software. I firmly believe there are no wrong questions, and that learning drives a fulfilled life.


I am from Vancouver Island, British Columbia 🍁. I have a BSc from the University of Alberta. I have worked at Microsoft for most of my career on Xbox, Office, Windows, and Commerce. Before then, I spent time at LoginRadius, General Dynamics, the Alberta government, and have also worked on neutrio-collision modelling with SNOLAB1.

1M. Hedayatipoor, J. Finlay, S. Massoudi, C. Nokes and M. de Montigny, “Quasi-elastic neutrino reactions on carbon and lead nuclei”, Journal of Physics G: Nuclear and Particle Physics 45 (2018) 025201(18pp)