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Dockerfile with npm private registry in Azure Dev Ops

Whether you have projects that share a common private module, or are concerned about supply chain attacks and want a private package source, it is common to use a private npm registry. Azure Dev Ops provides its own artifacts to achieve this, but it is not clear how to load from the registry in a Dockerfile.


You have an existing feed artifact, have published a private package, and have an existing .npmrc file.

MSDN docs


In the existing Dockerfile, add a COPY for your .npmrc file.

FROM mhart/alpine-node:12.16

COPY package.json yarn.lock .npmrc ./
COPY dist/ ./dist

RUN yarn install

ENV environment development

CMD ["yarn", "start"]

In azure-pipelines.yml, we must ensure the .npmrc file contains the correct authentication to connect to the private npm registry. This must be populated during the build and not checked into the codebase. This is easy in Azure Dev Ops bu using the npm authenticate task before your docker build.

- task: npmAuthenticate@0
    displayName: Override npmrc file
      workingFile: '.npmrc'

And that’s it. Run your pipeline and the dockerfile will pull from your private npm registry using the task authorization.