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Every once in a while, I work on some interesting side project that I want to share. This usually goes down the path of:

  1. Decide to work with a certain set of technologies.
  2. Research, build, finish
  3. Decide to blog
  4. Spend forever setting up website, never finish the blog
  5. The website is lost in time
  6. Rinse & repeat

This time, I’ve decided to cut through steps 4 & 5 and jump right to the blogging. With Github static pages and use of the Jekyll Now template, I don’t have to do anything. I don’t have to support a web service. I don’t have to pay for a domain. If I don’t blog for a year, my previous posts will remain and I can jump right back in without a worry when I feel like it.

The level of stress involved is now non-existent. I can just write and forget worrying about whether I’ve updated WordPress to latest.

Let’s see how far this gets ;)